February 17, 2016

MDM Menu and Food Norms for AP Schools:

At present, the MDM menu and food norms for Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools is indicated below:

Food Norms:

Quantity per day per child
 Primary/Upper Primary&High School

1.Food Grains 100 grms 150 grms

2.Pulses 20 grms 30 grms

3.Vegetables ,(leafy also) 50 grms 75 grms

4.Oil & Fat 5 grms 7.5 grms

5.Double Fortified salt & iodized salt & Condiments as per need


1.Monday --Sambar


3.Wednesday--Dal & Vegetables



6.Saturday--Dal and Vegetables

7.EGG / Banana--Twice a week.

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