March 11, 2017

                        AP SSC 2017
internal marks(FAs)-uploading procedure

1. First visit the web portal and
2. login with your Username (SSC New School Code (12xxx) and password (ssc new School code) and the enter the login key  and click on it
3. Then, here we can see the School U-DISE Code, Contact Phone No.and submit here.
4. In the Quicklinks section,  Click on the Internal Marks Feeding FA's link.
5. Here, Click on  the Internal Marks Entry (we can see it near the Home link)
6. Student list will be displayed as per the NR list
7. Here, click on entry button in front of student roll no
8. Then, student Internal Marks FA's Entry sheet will be shown.
9. In this sheet, you can entry the average of 4 FAs Marks of 1st Language and Similarly user can entry the following subjects... 2nd Language, 3rd Language, Maths, Science, Social subject FAs Marks Entry, and also
*Co-curricular marks (50 Marks)
*Value Education Marks Entry
*Art. & Culture
*Work & Computers
*Physical & Health Education marks entry and after click on the Confirm button( Don't click on above Confirm button*
10. Complete the all student's marks entry ( In every page, User can entry the 10 student's marks, later go to the next page, here user entry the remaining students marks. Like, all students marks should be uploaded by you. After completion of this process, click on print button and take the print and cross check the students Marks)
11. Everything has been done by you, you can click on the logout.

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