July 11, 2017

*Rc No :- 190*

*Dated:- 11.07.17*

Sub :- *Clarifications on SSC ,MDM,APEKX,SERVICE points*

*1.  SSC:*

a.  For  SSC  Marks  for  the  year  2015-16,  the  entry  is  enabled  in  verification officer  login.  Appropriate  option should  be  selected.  The  average  of  two years  marks  will  be  taken  and  the  same  will  be  reflected  in  the  seniority list.

b.  The  SSC  marks  for  the  oriental  schools  will  be  updated  by 12.07.2017  at  10.00 AM.

*2.  MDM:*  

a.  The  Mid  Day  Meal  points  will  be  as  per  the  range  of submission  of attendance/meals  taken  through  SMS/APP  as  given  in  the  GO.  The percentage  of submission  of  MDM  attendance/meals  taken  will  be  based  on the  NIC  &  AP  Online  Data  for  the  period  under  consideration.  The  eligible points  and  the  %  range  of  submission  is  mentioned  in  the  PDF  Form  of respective Teacher/HM.

*3.  Service Points:*

a.  In  total  marks,  there  will  be  difference,  this  is  due  to  the  total  service entitlement  marks  are  restricted to 43.

b.  The  teachers effected  by Rationalisation  during  2015  and  now  also effected in Rationalization,  for  those,  the  allotment  of  points  are  enabled  in verification  officer’s login.  

*4.  APEX Points:*

Minimum 10 transactions  should  be  made  to  gain  points  under  this  component. The  list of eligible persons  is placed  in APEX Portal  for ready reference.

*5. Compliant Box:*

A compliant box is hosted in the web cse.ap.gov.in at teacher corner. All the issues regarding allotment of points will be resolved through this service alone.

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