September 29, 2018

6th CLASS admission notification not available in JAVAHAR NOVODAYA VODYALAYA SAMITI PORTAL

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September 28, 2018

Employees Group Insurance Scheme–1984–Revised Rate of Interest(
.6%p.a) on Accumulated Savings Fund Communication of Tables of Benefits for Savings Fund for the Period from 01-04-2018 to
30-06-2018 –Revised Tables – Order–Issued.

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One Time Master Health Check up / Annual Health Check up for employees & their spouses and pensioners along with their spouses G.O.Rt.No.492 issued.

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September 27, 2018

MDM App Latest version Link

What's new: - developer not mentioned new feature @ updated version

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URDU Limited DSC Merit list.
Selection for  Cut off Marks.

     ◆ OC- 60%

     ◆ BC-50%*

     ◆ SC,ST- 40%

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September 26, 2018

MDM bills status checking instructions:-
MDM bills status by using the following link.

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లింక్ ని క్లిక్ చేసిన తరువాత ఎడమ వైపు రిపోర్ట్స్ అని నలుగు ఆప్షన్స్ కనపడుతాయి లేదా ఎడమ వైపు పైన ముడు గీతలు కనిపిస్తాయి.

వాటిని క్లిక్ చేస్తే  అందులో R-4 SCHOOL PAYMENT STATUS అనె దానిపై క్లిక్ చేసినచొ స్కూల్ డైస్ కోడ్ అడుగుతుంది.

ఎంటర్ చేసి ప్రక్కనే ఉన్న GET DATA ని క్లిక్ చేయండి ఇప్పటి వరకు పడిన బిల్లుల వివరాలు మరియు వాటి యొక్క status తెలుస్తుంది.

TTC Lower Theory September - 2018 Results released.

Result for - Click here
ది.26-9-18 నుండి 16-10-18 వరకు SCERT AP వారి షెడ్యూల్ మేరకు 10వ తరగతి డిజిటల్ పాఠాల డెవలప్మెంట్ కొరకు సంబంధిత ఉపాధ్యాయుల డిప్యుటేషన్ గూర్చి డీఈవో కృష్ణా వారికి ఆదేశాలు విడుదల చేసిన SCERT డైరెక్టర్.
జాబితా జతచేయబడినది.

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September 25, 2018

Primary/Subject School Complex Meeting template.

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Public Services – Treasuries & Accounts Department - Digitalization of PPOs in
Treasuries and Accounts Department – Orders – Issued.

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September 24, 2018

Dated: 19th May 1960.
Issue of certificates under F.R.26(c) in the case of quasi - permanent Government servant.

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Sanction of Notional Increments for the entire Un-Trained Service to th ST Teachers.

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*ఎయిడెడ్ GIA పే బిల్స్ తయారుచేయుటకు మండల విద్యాశాఖాధికారులకు సూచనలు.*

(1) మండల విద్యాశాఖాధికారులు CFMS login నందు maker గా అన్నీ ఎయిడెడ్ పాఠశాలలకు  సంబంధించిన Head of Account లను Work Flow Configuration (Mapping) చేసుకోవాలి.

(2) అలాగే సంబంధిత STO/ATO ఆఫీసులనందు కూడా aided Head of Accounts ను CFMS login నందు Work Flow configaration (HOA Mapping) చేసుకోవాలి.

(3) పై రెండు Work Flow configuration (HOA Mapping) అయిన తదుపరి మాత్రమే DIO request - MEO login నందు ఎయిడెడ్  బిల్లుల I.D. లు open అవుతాయి.

*బిల్లులు చేయు విధానము :**

(1) మండల విద్యాశాఖాధికారులు DDO Request login అయిన తర్వాత ప్రతి GIA  Salary - HRMS option లో G.I.A Pay bill preparation  నందు Bill ID ల వారీగా  open చేసిన తదుపరి  ఒక్కొక్క Bill ID కు Employee list open అవుతుంది.

(2) Employee list open అయిన తర్వాత ప్రతి employee Sl.No. button  పై  click చేస్తే వారి Basic Pay/DA / HRA and deduction1 columns అన్నీ open అవుతున్నాయి. తర్వాత అదే box క్రింద delete all అనే button click చేస్తే అప్పటివరకు ఉన్న aided employee యొక్క Earrings and deductions అన్నీ delete అవుతాయి. తదుపరి సంబంధిత పాఠశాల కరస్పాండెంట్స్ submit చేసిన salary statement ననుసరించి సంబందిత సిబ్బంది Basic Pay / DA / HRA మరియు deductions అన్నీ enter చేయాలి. ఈ విధముగా పాఠశాలలోని అందరు సిబ్బంది Sl.No. లు complete అయిన తర్వాత మరొకసారి check చేసుకొని submit button click చేయాలి.

       తర్వాత GIA bill submission  లో  Form No. and Head of Account select చేసుకోగానే బిల్ మొత్తము Open అవుతుంది. ఒకసారి పరిశీలించి submit చేసుకోవాలి, తదుపరి GIA Forn No. 102 Generation and GIA Schedules and GIA bill details మొదలకు option లోకి వెళ్ళి print out లు తీసుకొని మరలా MEO CFMS login లోకి వెళ్ళి సంతకాలు చేసిన print out లను scan చేసి CFMS ద్వారా సంబంధిత ( STO/ ATO) బిల్లులు సమర్పించాలి.

విందాం - నేర్చుకుందాం

రేడియో పాఠాలు - Click to download
NET నోటిఫికేషన్ విడుదల

అప్లికేషన్ స్టార్ట్ FROM :- 25th, september

Last date :- 15th,October

Exam date :- 16th,DECEMBER.

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September 23, 2018

Pre metric scholar ship guildeline in TELUGU

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Dated: 23 -9-2018.
SFI  Organisation proposed students strike on 25-9-2018- Instructions to run all the Govt., Z.P., M.P.,  Mpl., and Pvt. Aided and Un-aided Schools  on 25-9-2018 as usual in the state Issued

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School Wise MDM RICE Allocation
-October 2018 - Click to download

May 23, 2018

మన ఊరు మన బడి రేవైజ్ షెడ్యూల్

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May 22, 2018

School Education - Un-Aidc::d Private Educational  Institutions - Certain instructions - Issued.


1. G.O.Ms.No.l, Edn., dated 01.01.1994.

2. G.O.Ms.No. 41, Edn.,(SE.PS.I) Dl. 11.05.2006.

3. G.O.Ms.No.42, Edn.,(SE.PS.I) Dt. 30.07.2010.

       The  District   Educational Officers and  Regional Joint  Directors of School Education  are  aware that  the  permission for establishment  of schools under private  managements and  their   regulations are governed as per the  rules issued  in the G.Os  read  above.

        Further,  they  are  informed that,  the  Government of India  enacted RTE Act, 2009  on 27.08.2009  titled  "The Right  of Children to Free and  Compulsory Education". Sub-Section  (1) of Section 23  of the  RTE Act,  National  Council for Teacher   Education  (NCTE),  New Delhi  has   laid  down  minimum  qualifications for a person  to be eligible for appointment  as  a Teacher for Classes I to VIII in its  Principal  Notification   dated   23rd August,  2010   and   amendments  issued thereon. The  minimum qualification includes a Pass  in Teacher  Eligibility Test (TET) and  D.Ed.,   /  B.Ed.,  This is applicable to all  the  teachers aspiring to work in Government,  Zilla  Parishad,  Municipal,  Welfare Department  Schools,  Aided and  Un-Aided Private  Schools  in  the State.

It is also  noticed that   several  Private  Educational  Institutions  have not following   the   rules   governed   in   the   G.Os  with   regard    to   payment    of minimum  salaries    to  the   teachers  and   other   benefits   like  gratuity,  teachers provident   fund,  Group  Insurance scheme   etc.,   as  per  Rule  18  of G.O.Ms.No. l Education Department, Dated:O1.01.1994.

Further, it    is    informed     that     Rule.20     of   G.O.Ms.No.1     Education Department, Dated  01.01.1994   speaks   that

     "the Educational agency  shall submit  the Annual  Administration  Report in the prescribed proformato  the competent  authority for  very financial year  by the 30th  September  at  the  latest.   SUch report shall   be  supported  by  the  audited statement  of  accounts   of  the  school  duly   audited   by   Chartered   Accountant. Separate accounts  shall be maintained for each school.  Similarly the educational agency,  which  is running  more than  one  school,  shall  also  submit  such  returns within  the stipulated   time to the competent  authority.

     The Inspecting Authority   (Deputy  Educational  Officer/   MEO) inspect   and verify  the accounts   including  payment of the salaries to the staff  during  regular inspections. Any  deviation  is subject  to action against  the school."

    In  view of the  above, it is  inform  to  all  the  Regional  Joint  Directors   of School  Education and  District  Educational Officers in the  State  to instruct   and inform to all the  managements of Private Schools  that:

Those teachers  who   are   working  in   Private   Schools    without possessing  pass   TET  being conducted by  the  Andhra  Pradesh School   Education  Department  should   invariably  attend   the  TET and the  managements  should confirm  their  appointment only after passing the  TET along  with  their  regular   qualification   of D.Ed.,   / B.Ed.,   and   other   conditions  stipulated  by  the   Government from time to time

Managements  should   ensure to pay  the  minimum  salaries to  the teachers by 1st   of every month through bank.

All the  managements  should   ensure to  reach   every  benefits   like Gratuity, Teachers Provident Fund,  Group  Insurance  Scheme etc., to  the   teachers  and   other   staff  as  per   Rule   18  of  G.O.Ms.No.   l

Education Department,  Dated:01.01.1994.

All the  managements should  issue  Identification Cards to the  staff working  in their  schools

All the  managements  should submit   their  Annual   Administration Report  in  the  prescribed proforma   to  the  competent authority for very financial  year  by the  30th  September.

The   Inspecting  Authority  (Deputy  Educational    Officer/    MEO) inspect and  verify the  accounts  including payment of the  salaries and  other  benefits   like Gratuity, Teachers Provident Fund,   Group Insurance  Schemes etc., to the staff.

All  the   managements  should upload    the   fee  collected   by  them during  the academic year 2017-18    in  website.

All the  managements  should   also upload  the fee to be collected  by them   for  the  academic  year  2018-19 in   website and   also   display  in  two  prominent  places   visible  to  public   in respective school  premises.

    In view of the above circumstances all  the  RJDSEs and  the  DEOs in the State  are hereby instructed   to take  necessary steps  immediately.

    These   instructions  issued  shall be  scrupulously  followed without   any deviation.   Any  deviation  in  this   regard   will  be  viewed  very   seriously  and necessary action  will be taken as per rules  without any further notice.

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Dated: 22-05-2018.
Implementation of GNANA DHARA in Municipal Schools and other interventions during the summer vacation.

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Provident Fund - Interest rates on General Provident Fund (Andhra Pradesh) for the subscribers of GPF and other similar funds
as 7.6% per annum with effect from 01.04.2018 to 30.06.2018 for the year 2018-19 G.O.Rt.No.1204 Dated: 22.05.2018 issued.

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May 21, 2018



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వేసవి సెలవుల్లో పాఠశాల విధులు నిర్వహిస్తున్న ఉన్నత పాఠశాలల ప్రధానోపాధ్యాయులు విధిగా బయోమెట్రిక్ హాజరు నమోదు చేయాలని, దానికి అనుగుణంగానే వేతనంతో కూడిన శలవును మంజూరు చేయాలని,అందుకు తగిన ఆదేశాలు జారీ చేయాలంటూ జిల్లా విద్యాశాఖాధికారులకు  CSE ఉత్తర్వులు.
RC.NO:152/ITCELL/2017 DATED:21/5/2018 SCHOOLEDUCATION DEPARTMENT..eHazar implementation..Certain instructions issued​

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ఉపాధ్యాయుల పరస్పర బదిలీల పరిశీలనకు కమిటీ
ఏపీ, తెలంగాణ ప్రభుత్వాల ఉమ్మడి ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ

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May 19, 2018


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SPOUSE CERTIFICATE - Click to download

CERTIFICATES - Click to download

◆ అంతర జిల్లా బదిలీల ఆన్ లైన్ దరఖాస్తు తో పాటు యంక్లోజర్స్
నాలుగు సెట్లు
ప్రాధమిక,ప్రాధమికోన్నత పాఠశాలల ఉపాధ్యాయులు
యం.యి.ఓ లకు
ఉన్నతపాఠశాలల ఉపాధ్యాయులు
హెచ్.యం ల ద్వారా డిప్యూటి డి.యి.ఓ లకు
23మే వరకు ఇవ్వవలసి ఉండును.

◆ Inter Dist transfer OTP based  Online application enabled in cse website Teachers corner

◆ Mininimum 2 years service in present cader only need apply.

◆ Spouse(Employees state/ central/ public under taking) and mutual&Exservicemen only eligible two apply.


DSC 2014 వాళ్ళు జూన్ 1, 2016 న జాయిన్ అయ్యారు.  వారికి జూన్ 1, 2018 కి 2సం. లు నిండుతాయి, కానీ ఇంటర్ డిస్ట్రిక్ట్ ట్రాన్స్ఫర్స్ కి అప్లై చేస్తే Not eligible అని వస్తుంది. Online problem సరిచేయాలి.
జ్ఞానదార తాజా పనివిభజన పట్టిక వివరాలు విడుదల

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Inter state transfers issues relating to teachers/lecturers in mutual transfers particularly cases where mutual transfers involves teachers/lecturers who are not of the same subject constitution of committee orders issued.

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May 18, 2018
Conduct of assessment dissemination work shops at DISTRICT level-NAS,SLAS and summative assessment-Furnishing action plan post workshop-information to DEOs-reg

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Sub:-   School Education  -  Forwarding of  pension proposals in  respect  of Headmaster and MEOs - Instructions - Issued.

Read:-    Representation   of  Sri  Gade  Srinivasulu   Naidu,   MLC along  with representation  of AP Head Master's  Association,  Srikakulam District.

All  the  District   Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  informed  certain Headmasters and Mandal Educational Officers in  the State are going to retire from service on attaining  the age of superannuation in the year 2018.  Pension proposals in respect of Headmaster's/Mandal Educational Officer's  need to be processed and forwarded to Accountant General Office.
Further,  they  are  informed  that   in  the  Department  some vacancies of Deputy Educational Officers arose due to Superannuation, promotion,  etc.  In order to ensure proper supervision over various field  level activities,   including,  school inspections,  visits,   conduct  of  regular  Assessments, SSC   examinations,   Teacher Training,  delivery of Mid-Day Meal,  improve student academic standards,  conduct Science Fairs and other programs etc,  the Department has made FAC arrangements for the post of DyEOs on temporary basis.
In   this   connection,   they  are  informed  that   Contempt  proceedings vide CC.No.1400of 2003 & CC.No.244 of 2017 ,were  initiated  against the FAC orders for the vacant  posts  of Deputy Educational Officers on the ground of disobedience of the  orders of the  Hon'ble  High court  orders dated  18. 9.2003 in W.P.8953/2000. When the  matters  have come up for  hearing before  the  Hon'ble  High Court on 12.2.2018,   the   Hon'ble   High  Court  has  taken   a  serious  view   of   the   FAC arrangements made  by  the  Government.  Accordingly,   on  the  direction   of  the Government,  this office  has issued cancellation  orders on the  FAC  arrangements made for  the  posts of  Deputy  Educational Officers.  Government  is examining alternative  FAC arrangement issue.
In  view  of  the  circumstances stated  above and to  avoid  hardship  to  the HMs/ MEOs the Commissioner of School Education is pleased to accord permission to the District  Educational Officers in the State to forward  the Pension proposals and also for  drawing  salaries etc.  in  respect of  Headmasters I  Mandal Educational Officers,  wherein the FAC arrangements are not been made for the post of DyEOs until further orders.
All  the  District  Educational  Officers  in  the  State  are  requested  to  take further  necessary action accordingly.

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Dr B. R. Ambedkar Open University invites applications from eligible candidates for admission into M.Phil. & PhD. programmes in English, Hindi, Telugu, Business Management, Commerce, Education, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, History, Library & Information Science, Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology for the Academic Year 2018-19.

BRAOU Notification for Admission into M.Phil. & Ph.D. Programmes - 2018-19.

A candidate should possess Master’s Degree in the subject concerned from a recognized university, with a minimum of 55% (50% in the case of SC/ST candidates) of marks for admission into both M.Phil. and PhD. programmes.

▪Admission Procedure:
Admission into M.Phil. and PhD. the programme shall be through an entrance examination (written test) followed by an interview. However, the applicants qualified at the UGC/CSIR/JRF/NET/SLET/M.Phil./GATE tests are exempted from appearing for the entrance test provided they register themselves for the admission by paying the requisite fee.

The medium of instruction and examination for M.Phil. and Ph.D., entrance test, coursework and writing dissertation/thesis shall be English only. In case of languages, the medium of instruction and other activities shall be in the language concerned.

▪How to Apply:
The candidates can download the Application-cum-Prospectus for M.Phil. and PhD. programmes from the university website and submit the filled-in application form along with photocopies of certificates of the qualifying examination with marks memos and a Demand Draft for Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) drawn on any
nationalized bank in favour of
"The Registrar, Dr B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad”. Separate applications have to be submitted for M.Phil. and Ph.D.programmes if the candidate wants to apply for both."

     The filled-in applications should reach “The Director (Academic), Dr B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Prof. G. Ram Reddy Marg, Road. No. 46, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033” on or before 18.06.2018.
Date of Entrance Examination PhD. & M.Phil 29.07.2018

Department Wise Seats Allotment:
 - Click here

BRAOU Notification for M.Phil, PhD (Click here)
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M.Phil & Ph.D Programme Prospects (Click here)
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BRAOU Application (Click here)
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Appointment of 11th Pay Revision Commission – Orders – Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.                         Dated:18-05-2018

        Read the following:-
1. From APJAC of Employees, Teachers, Workers and retired employees Associations (AP JAC Amaravati) representation, Dated:14.09.2017.
2. From the Finance (PC.I) Department e-file bearing No.FIN-33024/29/2017-SO (HR IV)-FINANCE, dated:09.05.2018.

O R D E R:

The Pay Scales of the State Government employees were revised with effect from 01.07.2013 with monetary benefit from 02.06.2014.  APJAC of Employees, Teachers, Workers and retired employees Associations (AP JAC Amaravati) have represented for constitution of another Pay Revision Commission for the State Government employees.  Government has considered the representations and after careful consideration, has decided to constitute the 11th Pay Revision Commission for the State Government employees. 

2. Accordingly, Government hereby constitute the 11th Pay Revision Commission. Orders for appointment of Pay Revision Commissioner will be issued in due course.

3.    The terms of reference of the Commission shall be as follows:

(i) To evolve the principles which may govern the structure of  emoluments and the conditions of service of various categories of employees of the State Government, Local Bodies and Aided Institutions, Non-teaching staff of the Universities including Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Work charged employees and full-time contingent employees, which have a financial bearing taking into account the total packet of benefits available to them and suggest changes therein which may be desirable and feasible;

                The Commission however shall, not deal with the teaching staff in Government Colleges and Government Aided Private Colleges drawing UGC/AICTE and ICAR scales. The Commission shall also not deal with the officers of A.P. State Higher Judicial Service and A.P. State Judicial Service who are drawing Pay Scales as recommended by the First National Judicial Pay Commission.
(ii) To examine as to what extent the existing DA may be merged in pay and, to evolve consequent new set of pay scales merging DA therein and to suggest the mode of fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales.


:: 2 ::

(iii) To study the Automatic Advancement Scheme as modified from time to time keeping in view the anomalies that have arisen during the implementation of the said scheme and also to examine whether the said scheme should continue in its present form and to make the recommendations in this regard.
(iv) To examine the need for various Special Pays, Compensatory and various other Allowances and other perquisites in cash or kind now allowed and to make recommendations regarding their continuance or otherwise and if continuance is recommended what modifications, if any are deemed, desirable with regard to their rates, terms and other conditions which should govern them in future.
(v) To examine and review the existing pension structure for pensioners, and make recommendations which may be desirable and feasible.
(vi) Review of the existing human resources of all departments in tune with the contemporary requirements including contract/outsourcing personnel particularly in the context of State bifurcation.
(vii) To give its recommendations on any other matter referred to it by the State Government during the tenure of its office
(viii) In formulating its recommendations, the Commission may take in to account the overall financial position of the State.
4.     The Pay Revision Commission may lay down its own procedure for receiving representations, examining witnesses and calling for information. The Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments shall furnish all necessary information as and when required by the Pay Revision Commission and extend such co-operation and assistance as may be required by him.

5.     The Pay Revision Commission will ordinarily function from Velagapudi, but may tour within or outside, the State, if necessary.

6. The Pay Revision Commission will submit its report to the Government within a period of one year from the date of assumption of charge of the Pay Revision Commissioner.


The Special Chief Secretary to Government, Finance Department.
The Secretary to Government (F.P), Finance Department.
The Pay and Accounts Officer, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada.
The Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad.
All Special Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries/Ex-Officio Secretaries to Government.
All Heads of Departments/Collectors & District Magistrates.
The Registrar, A.P. High Court, Hyderabad.
The Registrars of all Universities.
The Chairman, A.P. Secretariat Employees Co-ordination Committee, Velagapudi.


:: 3 ::

The Chairman/Co-Chairman/Secretary General, Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers, A.P.
All Recognised Service Associations.
The General Administration (SW)/Estt.I/Estt.II/Poll.B) Department.
The Finance Department.
Copy to:
All Departments in Secretariat.
The Special Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary/Secretary/Additional Secretary to The Chief Minister.
The P.S. to All Ministers
The P.S. to Chief Secretary/Secretary (Poll)/Joint Secretary (AIS).
The Finance (PC.I) Department, A.P.Secretariat, Velagapudi.

     // FORWARDED :: BY ORDER //

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ఫేస్ 2 క్రింద ప్రాధమిక పాఠశాలల్లో ఆంగ్ల మాధ్యమం
అనుమతి ఉత్తర్వులు విడుదల

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Schools list - Click to download
Gnana Dhaara Summer remedial Programme Reschedule Rc.No.21 dated.18.05.2018 issued

Click to download

May 17, 2018

Memo no:13021/38/2018-services-1
SE Dept -request for conduct of mandal educational officers transfers in summer session-reg

-Click to download

SE Dept - request for conduct to MEO transfer s in summer season -certain information

Click to download
Extension of Date for Re-verification and recounting SSC Public Exams-Rc.36

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Circular Memo 
Dated: 15.05.2018

Click to download
Rc.No.485, తేదీ: 16-05-2018.
జిల్లా స్థాయి, స్కూల్ లెవెల్, స్టేట్ లెవెల్ అండ్ గర్ల్స్ హాస్టల్, 2017-18 సంవత్సరానికి రాష్ట్రీయ మాధ్యమిక శిక్షా అభియాన్ (సెంట్రల్ స్పాన్సర్డ్ స్కీమ్) ఖాతాలను తనిఖీ చేయడానికి చార్టర్డ్ అకౌంటెంట్ నియామకం

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పిఎఫ్ లోన్లు, ఫైనల్ పేమెంట్లు చెల్లింపు గురించి ఆర్థిక శాఖ ఉత్తర్వులు..

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May 16, 2018

The guidelines for implementing
Spouse, Mutual and Request transfers and schedule is sent to RDMAs, Commissioners.

Online application form will be opened on18.5.18

Copy of the circular is furnished below.
Dt :16.05.2018

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-Certain Instructions Issued and Shedule
Rc.686 ,Dt.16/5/18

Applying through online: 19-5-18 to23-5-18

DDO/MEO  verification:  24-5-18 to 25-5-18

Verifying by DEO: 26-5-18 to 27-5-18

Submission to CSE by DEO: 29-5-18

Verifying by CSE:4-6-18

Submission to Govt: 4-6-18.

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Municipal Teacher Transfers 2018 Guidelines Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase-I :
Municipal Teacher’s Transfers – Mutual, Spouse Cases & request transfers from one District to other District and within the District.

Phase-II :
Municipal Teacher’s General Transfers-2018.
Go.RT.No.506 and Go.RT.No.507 released.


IN ENGLISH- Click to download
తెలుగులో - Click to download
Vacancy positions- Click to download
GUIDELINES - Click to download
{OFF-LINE} - Click to download
Vacancy positions DISTRICT wise
 - Click to download


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IN ENGLISH- Click to download
తెలుగులో - Click to download

Guidelines for muncipal teachers
APTF- 257 -Click to download

CERTIFICATES - Click to download

Masters U DISE CODES - Click to download

SSC results-2018 released with uploaded internal marks,
So informed to take results in the following link - Click here
ఓపెన్ స్కూల్ జిల్లా సమన్వయ కర్త నియామక సంబందించిన ఉత్తర్వులు GO. RT. NO.1214, Dt.12/8/1997
ఓపెన్ స్కూల్ జిల్లా పరీక్షల కమిటీ (DEC) లో ఉండవలసిన సభ్యులు. నమూనా....
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అప్లికేషన్ - Click here

Municipal education foundation course programme printing of work books & study memorial and distribution yo students of classes I to V and VI to X printing and supply for the academic year 2018 - 19 administrative sanction accorded orders issued.

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అనంతపురం జిల్లా

మునిసిపల్ టీచర్స్ ట్రాన్స్ఫర్ జాబితా
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ఏపీ ఈసెట్ ఫలితాలు విడుదల

ఫలితాల కోసం...Click here

May 15, 2018

రంజాన్ మాసం 16మే నుండి 15జూన్ వరకు
ఉద్యోగ,ఉపాద్యాయులకు చివరి ఒక గంట అనుమతి ఇస్తూ ఉత్తర్వు విడుదల

ఈ నెల 17-05-2018 మరియు 18-05-2018 లలో DEE CET - 2018 జరగనున్న నేపధ్యంలో ఆ తేదీ లలో జరగవలసిన ఇంటర్ అడ్వాన్సు సప్లీమెంటరీ పరీక్షలను మానవత దృక్పథంతో 23-05-2018 మరియు 24-05-2018 కి వాయిదా వేస్తున్నట్టు మరియు దాని అనుగుణంగా ప్రాక్టికల్ పరీక్షల మార్పును సూచించారు​.

AP TET - 2018

Download submitted your application

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Complaint box

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Complaint status

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More details for - Click here


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More details for - Click here

AP POLYCET - 2018 FOR WEB OPTIONS - Click here

May 14, 2018

Yoga booklet issued by government of India.

It helps to get rid of many health issues.

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Download DEd 2016-18 Batch 1st Year Hall Tickets from this link - Click to download

జిల్లా వారి DSC పోస్టుల ఖాళీ వివరాలు(తాత్కాలికంగా)

గుంటూరు - Click to download

చిత్తూరు - Click to download

కృష్ణ - Click to download
Flash Flash :

Inter District Transfers MemoNo 14022/70/ 2018 dt 11-5-18 released.

Lawset result available - Click here

Budget estimates 2018 - 19

Comprehensive budget release order for rupees *one thousand two hundred forty seven crores thirty three lakh fifty seven thousand only(12,47,33,57,000)* - Quarterly Description of budget for the *school education* department.

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Non Teaching Staff Transfer Application Form by school Education.

Transfer Guidelines.

-Click here to apply
సర్వీస్ రెగ్యులరైజేషన్, ప్రొబేషన్ డిక్లరేషన్ కొరకు DEO  కార్యాలయం నుండి MEO లకు mail లో పంపిన ప్రొఫార్మాలు.

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ANNEXURE -2-Click to download